Welsh Consulting is adept at all types of IT projects and utilizes some of the most talented and experienced consultants in our area. Project work is the foundation of our company and is an integral part of what has made Welsh Consulting into the dynamic, resourceful business it is today.


Physical To Virtual

Welsh Consulting has helped many companies shrink their network physical resources by moving storage and workstations from physical devices to virtual devices. Moving to a virtual environment saves companies space and maximizes efficiency.


Security reporting

Welsh Consulting provides clients with comprehensive security and network audits. During the audit process, we test the network and prepare a full security analysis report. This report lists concerns and ways to strengthen the environment, allowing for PCI and HIPAA compliance.

If you need to know how secure your network is, let Welsh perform a full audit of your environment. Contact us today!

Wireless Networking

Today, companies rely heavily on their wireless networks. Is your wireless network working at its ultimate capacity? Let Welsh Consulting analyze your wireless network’s performance to ensure maximum efficiency for your company’s needs.