Managed Services

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Cloud Based Services

When we talk about IT cloud computing, we mean delivering data over the internet, commonly referred to as “the cloud,” in a safe and dependable manner. Whether analytics, databases, intelligence, networking, servers, software, or storage, the cloud supports your data, allowing you to connect to it from wherever you have internet access.


Managed IT Services

The goal of IT Support Services is to provide information technology support in order for businesses to run smoothly, round the clock. Often, this involves taking care of computer systems and networks, including hardware and software, along with troubleshooting any technical issues that may arise so that business carries on, uninterrupted.


IT Planning

At Welsh Consulting, we create IT plans designed to optimize the hardware and software resources available to a business in order to support and advance its goals. Ultimately, with the right IT plan, your business will exceed its stated goals, while avoiding any setbacks along the way, ensuring that business continues to run smoothly for optimal productivity.


Security Solutions

Working in the digital age requires an awareness of the unseen factors threatening the security of your business. IT Security Solutions safeguard your business against costly damages caused by hackers and malware, protecting critical internal data.


IT Projects

Welsh Consulting is adept at all types of IT projects and utilizes some of the most talented and experienced consultants in our area. Project work is the foundation of our company and is an integral part of what has made Welsh Consulting into the dynamic, resourceful business it is today.