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Nearly 4 decades ago, we set out on a quest to bolster Boston SMB operations through secure and optimized IT infrastructure. Today, Boston businesses trust Welsh Consulting as the go-to MSP, shielding you from the rapidly evolving IT challenges impeding your daily operations. Not only do we supplement your in-house IT staff with the advanced tools and expertise they need, but also work with you as a fully outsourced MSP dedicated to keeping your IT ecosystem in top shape.

    We Make the Cloud Simple to Use

    When we talk about IT cloud computing, we mean delivering data over the internet, commonly referred to as “the cloud,” in a safe and dependable manner.

    We Help Things Run Smoothly

    The goal of IT Support Services is to provide information technology support in order for businesses to run smoothly, round the clock.

    We Provide You With the Latest Tech

    We create IT plans designed to optimize the hardware and software resources available to a business in order to support and advance its goals.

    We Protect You From Security Threats

    Working in the digital age requires an awareness of the unseen factors threatening the security of your business against costly damages.

    What They're Saying

    Minimize Costs and Streamline Operations with Boston’s Leading Managed IT Service Provider

    Many Boston-based SMBs hire internal IT staff for their daily support, repair, and maintenance needs. But despite the numerous benefits of on-site IT staff, hiring and maintaining these professionals in-house comes at a cost. On average, it costs $80,000 to $100,000 annually to hire and maintain just one IT specialist! Outsourcing your IT needs to a dependable MSP like Welsh Consulting brings a full team of IT experts to take care of your company’s IT needs at a fraction of the cost!

    Our Boston Managed IT Services

    IT Support Services

    Boston businesses are always under constant cybersecurity risks, looming downtimes, server failure, and several other IT challenges often preceded by the absence of sufficient IT support staff.

    At Welsh Consulting, we work around these issues by providing the best-in-class IT support talent available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our IT support specialists will proactively monitor your IT ecosystem, provide timely assistance, and offer strategic guidance to keep your infrastructure reliable, optimized, and secure. By outsourcing your IT support needs to us, you can focus more on your core business objectives while we take on complex IT issues obscuring your peak operational performance.

    Workstation Monitoring and Maintenance

    Your workstations need meticulous care and maintenance to keep them reliable, secure, and flawlessly operational. But, with limited resources and expertise, your businesses could face significant issues in proactively identifying and addressing workstation issues in time. The results could be detrimental; failing hardware, software failure, security vulnerabilities, performance bottlenecks, and unwarranted downtimes. To prevent this from happening, Welsh Consulting monitors your workstations regularly, ultimately supporting the smooth operation of your business.

    On-Demand VCIO Support

    Don’t spend more than you need to on IT support. No matter how small or big an IT issue is, our hand-picked Virtual Chief Information Officers (VCIOs) can assist you in getting back on track in no time! A VCIO is an experienced IT professional whose job is to provide strategic advice, insights, and recommended solutions to solve the toughest IT issues crippling your business operations. Welsh Consulting’s VCIO support is available on demand.


    SMBs are frequent targets of cyber attacks because they hold valuable data, and may have vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to this data. The result of a successful cyberattack leaves businesses in financial losses, reputation damage, data loss, or legal implications. 

    Security-focused MSPs like Welsh Consulting implement robust cybersecurity measures that protect sensitive information from unauthorized access. Our advanced threat monitoring tools can detect threats before they erupt into full-scale breaches, giving us ample time to respond to the situation and mitigate the potentially devastating consequences of a cyber attack.

    Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

    Critical business data must be guarded at all times to ensure continuity in the face of unexpected events. Unfortunately, SMBs often lack the robust IT infrastructure and resources that larger enterprises have. This makes them even more vulnerable to data loss. Our data backup and disaster recovery solutions and strategies ensure that important data is securely replicated and stored, enabling quick recovery in the event of natural disasters, cybersecurity incidents, accidental deletions, and hardware failures.


    Physical To Virtual

    Welsh Consulting has helped many companies shrink their network physical resources by moving storage and workstations from physical devices to virtual devices. Moving to a virtual environment saves companies space and maximizes efficiency.

    Security Reporting

    Welsh Consulting provides clients with comprehensive security and network audits. During the audit process, we test the network and prepare a full security analysis report. This report lists concerns and ways to strengthen the environment, allowing for PCI and HIPAA compliance. If you need to know how secure your network is, let Welsh perform a full audit of your environment. Contact us today!

    Wireless Networking

    Today, companies rely heavily on their wireless networks. Is your wireless network working at its ultimate capacity? Let Welsh Consulting analyze your wireless network’s performance to ensure maximum efficiency for your company’s needs.



    Welsh Consulting’s Managed IT Services package includes comprehensive IT support, 24/7 monitoring, cybersecurity, data backup and disaster recovery solutions, and on-demand VCIO support.

    Absolutely! We understand that not all business needs come equal. We treat each company as an independent entity with unique needs based on its industry, budget, and more importantly, its growth objectives.

    Welsh Consulting has served in the MSP space since 1984. We’ve provided Boston businesses with an all-in-one managed IT service package that includes round-the-clock monitoring to optimize operations and minimize disruptions.

    While it’s virtually impossible to accurately guarantee 100% protection against future threats, we do employ robust measures to protect your sensitive information through firewalls, antivirus software, stringent encryption protocols, regular security audits, and employee awareness training.